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Raise Funding and Awareness for your Favorite Causes with just the Tap of your Finger. No Donation Required*

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01. About app

WTIM is innovating

Our Cause Integrated Platform is rewarding for you and your favorite charities.

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Online Media Platform engineered to raise money and awareness for charities through corporate sponsorship.

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Mobile friendly responsive Web APP. Nothing to download or install, works in all browsers and devices.

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Utilizing cross sector collaborations and advertising dollars to create positive impact through online engagement.

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Online Web APP for generating funding and awareness for causes you care about with just the tap of your finger.

WTIM Options and Benefits


  • Raise $ for Charity
  • Bring Awareness to Causes you care about
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Take part in a campaign right now and help make a Difference for a cause you care about!

Member/ OWNER

  • Raise $ for your favorite charity
  • Win $ bringing awareness to causes you care about
  • + Everything in User
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Join us and help make a Difference in our communities and for your personal favorite non-profit!

Partner/ OWNER

  • Earn 20% Commission in Campaigns
  • Earn 20% bonus bringing awareness to causes you care about
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Support the Development of WeThinkItMatters and help us make a Difference sooner than later!

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We are the first Member Owned Media Company

03. Member Owned

See why it Matters

Today more than 21,000 people will die of hunger, millions will be homeless, and millions more slaves. Today more than ever our world is in need of advocates and responsible businesses to work together to make a Difference in our communities.

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05. Awesome features

Make a Difference with just a click

Raise money for a good cause with just the tap of your finger, and win prizes too!

No Donation Required

Raise money for charities just by taking part in interactive campaigns sponsored by businesses that are investing in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

You're Entered to Win

10% of all campaign dollars go to prizes for voting Member/Owners. Cash prizes are awarded based on random lottery, use your CERTs to enter monthly jackpot drawing.

06. Uplifting Stories

Get Positive News & Rewards

When you take part in a WeThinkItMatters® campaign and vote for a charity to get funding, you will get to hear the results about the impact it had.
*Must be a Member/Owner of WTIM to get CERTs

Click + to Expand Tiles
Just voting in a WeThinkItMatters® campaign you will raise $.50 cents for a charity (that could feed someone for a day)! Also you will receive .1 Certs in your WTIM Rewards account.
Vote and share your opinion by taking a short survey and you raise $1.00 for a charity. And you will receive .2 Certs in your WTIM Rewards account.
Share the campaign and #hashtag on social media and you will raise $2.00 for a charity. And receive .4 Certs in your WTIM Rewards account.
Share the results of campaign and #hashtag on social media and you will raise $5.00 for a charity. And receive 1. Certs in your WTIM Rewards account.
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07. How it works

Cross Sector Collaboration

People, non-profits, and businesses work together to bring awareness and funding to causes impacting all of us.

09. Beta Member

Become a Member and Owner

Join the beta of WTIM and get unique perks with early ownership of the first of it's KIND Member Owned Media Company.

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10. FAQ

Questions and Answers

Here are some common questions and answers about WTIM. If you don't see the answer to a question you have please ask below!

Where does the money that goes to charity to come from?

The funding for WeThinkItMatters® campaigns comes from businesses using their advertising dollars to sponsor the campaigns, this brings the attention and funding to the causes and non-profits serving them.

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If I become a Member/Owner where does the money I pay to join WTIM go, how often do I have to pay?

If you become a Member/Owner of WTIM the $1 or $10 you invest will go to pay hosting and support the development of the platform. You will never have to pay again, it is a lifetime membership.

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What do I get as a Member/Owner of WTIM?

You and your favorite charity will be entered to win cash prizes and rewards whenever you vote in any WeThinkItMatters® campaign. And you earn CERTs that you can use for extra lottery tickets and rewards.

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How do I vote in WeThinkItMatters® campaigns?

It's easy, if your a member you just click the "Vote for Button" on the campaign page. If you aren't a member you will have to enter your email address also.

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11. Contact us

Answers to your questions

We need your help and your questions and feedback help us make WTIM more impactful and easier to use.